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Page : 20 - 16
Date : Nov 14, 2022
Supersedes : Oct 3, 2022
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20-16: Control & Monitoring Panel & RTD

For use with XL-Trace only
RAYC910 DigiTrace C910 controller in an 8" x 10" FRP enclosure with window.
2 pole 30A EMR. Controls a single circuit with a 2-pole electro-mechanical relay. (Approved for ordinary areas only).
$7684.27 Each
RAY465 Raychem 465 Single Point Controller $5205.04 Each
RAYRTD10CS RTD with 10ft stainless steel flexible armor - 76 to 400 degree F. USE WITH C910 CONTROLLER ONLY. $766.50 Each
RAYAMCF5 Thermostat - Ambient or line sensing, NEM4X, 40F Fixed setpoint. $654.70 Each
RAYECTS Pipe, Slab or Ambient Sensing Electronic Thermostat with 25ft thermistor sensor. $1442.43 Each
For use with HWAT only
RAYWATECOGF 208/240V Electronic Controller $3504.36 Each

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